Mystery in BrookTown

Chapter One: A New Start


Regina Malloy moves to her mom’s old house in Brooktown, population 3 thousand. Moving to such a small town is quite the adjustment for a beautiful city girl, but she wants a fresh start. She sets out by meeting her neighbors. Her next-door neighbor is a sweet old lady, the across the street neighbor is a drop dead gorgeous man and behind her house, the people are weird hillbilly types.

True to form, Gina makes a fool out of herself. First when she tries to attract the handsome man across the street. Secondly with her weird back yard neighbors. While she tries to repair the damage from her humiliation in front of her crush, her backyard neighbors start getting creepier. Then a local woman disappears in a bizarre abduction and Gina is sure her creepy neighbors are behind it.

Of course, no one believes her so she tries to get proof about the abduction. Gina find herself in real trouble and if she’s not careful, her sex appeal and cuteness will not save her.

Chapter One- A New Start

Gina carried the last box into her house with a smile, she was done! The last week had been moving in and unpacking. Now her last car load was like crossing the finish line and she was going to celebrate. She stacked them against the wall near the hall closet and went into the kitchen, realizing immediately she hadn’t bought much food, or drink.

“I am definitely going to need drinks,” she said to herself looking around. She decided a walk to the nearby store was in order and went back to her room to shower and change.

As the water cascaded over her she was again amazed at the turn her life had gone in. It had taken six months for probate to clear on her inheritance. During that time, she had grieved for her mother, lost a boyfriend and decided she wasn’t as attached to her job as she had once thought. So instead of selling her house, she had decided to change course and make the move. A fresh start in her old hometown.

Gina blow dried her luxurious blond hair and got dressed. A white tank cut off shorts and a red blouse tied around the waist. The perfect small town girl look, she thought humorously, flipping her hair back with a pert smile for her reflection. She slipped her feet into red flip-flops, grabbed her purse and was out the door.

Her house was one of three in a cul-de-sac. She was on the end; a house was in the middle and one across the circle. She walked down the sidewalk past the woods along the road. Initially, houses were planned for the whole street, but the economy had crashed so no more homes had gone up. Even after all these years, no one had developed the empty property. Across the street, she saw a strong-looking man with hair as blond as hers jogging and he was moving quickly. She watched him disappear, enjoying the way his ass moved in the shorts. Men weren’t the only one who enjoyed a nice ass, she thought with a slight giggled.

Gina turned and took the second street down towards the grocery store. She passed a house with an old metal gate. She figured it was the property that was up in her backyard. The names Mr. and Mrs. Kilmore were written in a bad paint job on a rusted mailbox., she noticed as she passed. Gina couldn’t remember who they were, then again, she reflected, she had never come to visit much. Her mom had always come to see her in the city. She had been young when her mom and dad had divorced. It had been amicable enough, mom had felt Gina would do better in the city, so the city was where she had stayed. Gina wasn’t bitter, her life had been the way it had been. She had always believed if you couldn’t change something you rolled with it.

“Now I have a whole new place to roll with it,” she said with a faint smile as she walked up to the little grocery store.

The store was about half the size of a regular grocery store in the city. She went up and down each isle to familiarize herself with the place. She used a basket instead of a cart and loaded it up as she went along. She picked up a six pack of beer last and went to the check out lane. A short stout guy was waiting, looking bored. He smiled when she came up and did his best to not be to obvious about checking her out. Gina didn’t mind guys checking her out. She had been called beautiful slice she was little and got used to it when she got older. Now at 24 years old, it was just the way things were. She kind of secretly liked it too. The man’s name tag said, Doug.

“Hello Doug,” she said as he unloaded her basket.

“Hello, I hope you are having a good day,” he said as he ran the stuff over the scanner and bagged it.

“It is going fantastic. I just moved into my mom’s old place, down the street. Nice store you have here,” she said.

“Thanks, so new to town huh?” He said with a grin at her before running the beer over the scanner.

“Yep, mostly anyway. My name is Regina Malloy, most people just call me Gina,” she told him.

“Nice to meet you Gina, welcome to Brooktown. This will be twenty-two fifty,” he told her, and Gina paid up.

“Thank you, have a good day,” she said picking up her bags.

“You too, see ya around,” he said with a hopeful note to his voice. Gina nodded.

“You probably will. This is the closest store to my place,” she told him with a wave and walked out as the doors slid open for her.


Walking up to her house there was a little old lady in the yard next to hers watering some flowers. The woman waved, and Gina went over to her. Might as well meet the neighbors.

“Hello, beautiful flowers you have,” she said. The woman smiled and stuck out her hand. Gina took it. She had a strong grip and soft skin.

“Thank you, I am Linda Cohen, I live here. It is good to see a new face in town,” she said in return.

“Thank you, it is good to be seen, I’m Gina Malloy. You knew my mom?” Gina asked.

“I did. She spoke of you often and proudly. How do you like the house?” She asked pleasantly.

“It’s great, very mom’ish, in a good way,” she told her new neighbor. Miss Cohen laughed.

“I loved your mom, she was a good friend. You look like you take after her. If you ever need anything let me know,” she said kindly. They talked for a while and Gina learned Miss Cohen had never married and moved to Brooktown when she retired fifteen years earlier. Silver hair and thin, she looked frail, but wasn’t.

“Well, I should get my groceries in the house, Miss Cohen, enjoy your day,” she told her new neighbor.

“You too dear, talk to you later,” she said, and Gina went into her house. As she turned to close the door she saw the handsome man jog back down the street to the house across the cul-de-sac from her. He waved, and she returned it before shutting her door. Damn, she thought. He was worth looking at.

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